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Pandit Din Dayalu Sharma

Pandit Din Dayalu Sharma was a proponent of Hinduism. He was an eminent scholar in Sanskrit, Persian, Urdu, was born in May 1863 CE in Jhajjar (Haryana). He started social service at the age of eighteen when he founded the Panchayat Taraqqi Hunud (the Council for the Advancement of the Hindus).

Soon, he became the editor of Mathura Akhbar, an Urdu monthly, propagating the principles of Hinduism. The young pandit organized a meeting in Haridwar and founded the Gau Varnashrama Hitaishini Ganga Dharma Sabha (The Religious Association for the Welfare of the Cow, Social Order and the Holy Ganga) in 1886 CE. As a preacher, he travelled all over Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal (Kolkata in particular), with the aim of setting up Hindu organizations, and Sanskrit schools.

In April 1887, he convened the “Bharat Dharam Mahamandala” (Indian Religious Conference) at Kapurthala, with the aim of bringing together all leaders of the Sanatana Dharma. Its first meeting was from May 29 to that year, at Haridwar, under his chairmanship.

The ‘Mahamandala’ continued its proceeding in March 1889 at Vrindavan; in November 1890 in Delhi; on February 29, 1892 at Kapurthala; in 1896 at Amritsar; in 1897 at Kapurthala; and in 1899 at Mathura. The outcome of all this was the foundation of the Hindu college in Delhi. The Mahamandala brought out supporting literature, such as Suryodaya and Mahamandala magazine, and undertook the renovation of several temples.