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He Who Conquers His Mind Conquers The World

Those who always meditate upon the Self, who are masters of their passions, not affected by pleasure or pain, heat or cold and free from vanity, illusion and the bane of attachment — such not deluded people realize that never-decaying bliss.

Who conquers the world? He who conquers his mind. The desires are beyond the senses, the mind is beyond the desires, the determinative faculty is beyond the mind, the soul is beyond the determinative faculty, the unmanifested (maya) is beyond the soul and the Purusha or Brahman is beyond the unmanifested; there is nothing beyond the Purusha, he is the end, the highest goal. The man who has controlled his mind and body alone reaches the highest of these steps — the step ‘from whence words come back with the mind, unable to reach it.’

The control of the mind and the senses effected through self-exertion or the grace of God, discrimination or devotion, releases man from misery — this is the view of Sanatana Dharma.

On account of the variety of individual tendencies, the paths are many, though the goal is one. Sri Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita, ‘Whoever worships Me with whatever end in view, I fulfill his wish accordingly; O Partha, it is My path that men tread in all ways.’