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Akshay Navami – Amla Navami - Importance - Akshaya Navami 2021 date

Akshaya Navami, also known as Amla (Awala) Navami, is the ninth day during waxing phase of the moon in Kartik Month in a traditional Hindu calendar. In 2021, the date of Akshay Navami is November 13. The popular belief is that the Treta Yuga started on this day. Some people refer the day as the beginning of the Satyuga.

The popular belief is that all rituals and prayers offered on this day will be answered and it will help the person in the path of Moksha or liberation. The day is of great significance in North India especially in Varanasi.

The day is observed as Akshay Navami Parikrama Divas in North India. Goddess Jagadhatri is worshipped on the day in West Bengal. Vrindavan Mathura Parikrama is also observed on this day.

Story of Akshaya Navami

Legend has it that Lord Surya (Sun God) worshipped Goddess Durga on this day and was rewarded properties that is in possession of him. Therefore it is believed that which is given on the day will never be destroyed but will only result in growth.

How is Akshaya Navami Observed?

  • After taking bath in the Ganges (the Kartik Snan is performed in this month), women perform a day-long vrat and the rituals and pujas are held on the banks of the Ganges with the help of a priest.
  • For the rituals, 30 squares are drawn using turmeric and it is known as Kotha. Each square is filled with grains, pulses and food items. This ritual is essentially for a rich harvest and for a continuous stock of food grains.
  • The day is observed as Akshay Navami Parikrama Divas in North India.
  • An important event on Akshaya Navami is the distribution of alms and receiving of presents.
  • Goddess Jagadhatri is worshipped on the day in West Bengal
  • Vrindavan Mathura Parikrama is also observed on this day.

Other Names and Rituals of Akshaya Navami

This Navami is also known as Kushmanda Navami as Lord Vishnu is believed to have vanquished Demon Kushmanda and thus helping annihilating Adharma.

The day is also known as Amla Navami.

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