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Dreaming Of My Nails Breaking – Meaning

Dreaming of my nails breaking is a bad omen as per dreaming meaning and interpretation. The dream is associated with accidents. It also indicates problems in current location and health issues. Dreams of my nails breaking mean death or fatal accident to someone important to you.

Dream of my nails breaking and you are in a weird and dark place means you will fall into the trap of pervert. It also means traveling during dark and in lonely places will invite trouble.

Dream of my nails breaking and you are holding it means competition, fight with strangers, or lack of success. It also means you will be witness to some gruesome incident.

Dreaming of nails breaking and you see other people in the dream means you will soon face financial problems. It also indicates accident in a public transport.

Dreams of my nails breaking and you can see blood mean you will witness something gruesome. It also means attack or you getting kidnapped.

After seeing the dream one needs to be careful while using vehicle and sharp objects. A person also needs to be careful of falling objects.