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Bhagavad Gita Chapter IX Verse 6

As the air, vast and always moving everywhere, exists in the akasha, even so, know thou that all beings exist in Me. (Bhagavad Gita IX Verse 6).

Moving everywhere and mighty in expanse, the air or the wind ever exists in the akasha, or space, without affecting or coming in contact with space, which contains it. So also in Me, who am all-pervading, do all beings exist, without coming in contact with Me or producing any effect on Me. In the Spirit are contained all things which appear as separate realities. They appear too through the divine power of creation. The Fata Morgana appears in the sky. There it exists. But it does not affect the sky, it being an illusory appearance. The universe is like the blueness of the sky. We see the blue dome overhead. But there is no dome really. We know this, but not so the child. He who realizes this regarding the universe will become free. Words cannot satisfactorily explain this royal mystery. They only show the way and then we have to go there and investigate things for ourselves.

These questions have occupied the greatest minds at all times. From the remotest past the answers have come, and the conclusions have always been this: listen to the Truth, then think deeply about it, and then meditate on Truth. Through meditation knowledge will come, the light that dispels the darkness of ignorance. And then we will understand and all questioning will cease. This is not the bliss of ignorance, but the bliss of knowledge. It does not mean freedom from doubt through indifference, but freedom because doubts are satisfied. Only then can we live safely in this world. The world can then no more harm us. We have obtained the philosopher’s stone that converts all danger into safe places, all pain and sorrow into indifferent experiences. The jnani realizes that he is beyond the universe. How then can anything in the universe affect him?

The bhakta thirsts for God. And after finding God the soul rests in Him. The bhakta is resigned to God. As the jackal flies before the roar of the lion, so all dangers fly before him who knows the Truth.