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Dreaming My Older Sister – Meaning

Dreaming of my old sister can be both good and bad and it depends on the type of dream as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream is a sign of family get together or happy occasion. It also means help from family. Dreams of my older sister and you wake up terrified or angry means some trouble to your older sister. It also means she might cause some big trouble for family.

Dream of my older sister and you wake up unhappy or dejected means some trouble in your personal life. It also means going away of people from your life. It also means your older sister ignoring you or not valuing your advice.

Dreaming of my older sister and you are happy means you can expect progress in relationship, gifts or travel. It is also a sign of happiness in life due to other people. It also means spending time like old times.

Dream of an angry older sister and you wake up scared means a secret of yours will be exposed. It also means scandal or sex related troubles.