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Ayara Koda Abhisheka At Guddattu Mahaganapathi Temple

Ayara Koda Abhisheka is a unique ritual held at Guddattu Mahaganapathi Temple. In the temple, Vinayaka murti is submerged in water in a cave. In Ayara Koda Abhishekam, all the water from the cave is first drained out. Ayara means thousand and koda means pot. The ritual involves abhishekam with 1000 pots of water.

Coconut oil is applied on the murti of Ganesha and this ritual is known as Tailabhyanjana.

Next, milk, curd, jaggery, coconut water, sugar and ghee are poured on the murti next. This is the panchamrutha abhishekam.

Next is the Rudrabhishekam. Then the deity is adorned with flowers. A sumptuous meal is offered next. The meal consists of delicacies from local cuisine. This is later shared with the devotees.

After the rituals, thousand pots water is poured on the murti. This submerges the murti up to the neck. Then Mangala aarti is offered to the deity.

Guddattu Mahaganapathi temple is located at Kundapura near Udupi, Karnataka. The murti of Ganpati here is believed to more than 800 years old. The deity is always submerged in water and is also known as Jaladhivasa Ganapathi.