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Dawat Puja After Diwali

Dawat Puja is a unique puja observed after Diwali festival in North India especially by the Kayasthas community. Dawat refers to ancient brass inkpot. Dawat Puja 2024 date is November 3. The day is also observed as Chitragupta Puja.

During ancient days, ink was stored in large ink pots known as Dawat. Wooden pen (Kalam) was dipped in the pot for writing.

Such brass ink pots have now become antiques.

Kayasthas on the prominent Hindu communities in North India are associated with bookkeeping services. Earlier they did bookkeeping services for kings and landlords.

As they made a living with ink and pen, they had the practice of worshipping their writing material especially dip-pen and inkpot.

The most important day of the worship was two days after Diwali on Kartik Shukla Paksha Dwitiya. This festival was known as Dawat Puja.

The day was chosen because the Kayastha community believes that they are descendents of Chitragupta. The most important annual ritual dedicated to Chitragupta is performed on the day.