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Bhog – Food Offering At Kamakhya Devi Temple In Guwahati – Assam

Kamakhya Devi Temple in Guwahati – Assam – is one of the most ancient and holiest of Shakti Peethas. The bhog and food offering at Kamakhya Devi temple are unique and different. The first cooked food offering is performed around 1 PM. The bhog comprises of rice, dal, various curries and side dishes made using seasonal and local vegetables. The sweet offered is payash made of rice, milk and dry fruits.

The bhog that is prepared is offered to all the deities worshipped in the temple. The bhog is later distributed among the sevaits and pujaris as per a fixed tradition.

The next food offering is around 1:5 hours after sunset. Puri and suji halwa is the main food offering. Suji halwa is a sweet prepared using sugar, ghee and dry fruits. The bhog is later distributed among the pujaris, hetinas (assistants of temple cooks) and supakaras (temple Brahmin cooks).

Although animals like male goat, buffalo and pigeons are sacrificed in the temple, they are not and offered to the deity.