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Makayiram Nakshatra Phalam 2023 Predictions Based On Malayalam Nakshatram Kerala Astrology

Makayiram Nakshatra 2023 predictions are based on Malayalam Nakshatram or birth star Kerala astrology. As per Makayiram Nakshatra phalam, people born in this nakshatra will face some tough situations in life and a secret of yours will be exposed. Good months are January, April, August, October and December 2023. February, May, June and July 2023 are bad months. March, September and November 2023 will be both good and bad and with no major gains.

Makayiram Nakshatra born people will have a stagnant period in 2023. Occasional gains will be marred by some untoward incidents. Those looking for new jobs will get to hear encouraging news. There will be some delay in foreign jobs. Artists will perform well during the period. Students will face some tough situations. There will be financial gains. Those looking to migrate to a new country will face problems due to new reforms and rules. Government jobs will be difficult this year and there will some serious issues regarding it.

Professionals might cause some damages due to lack of concentration and laziness. Avoid being negligent at the workplace. You might be a victim of office politics or gossips. It is a good year to change jobs. Business people will have a good year. There will be gains from partnerships and expansions. Loans will be approved. Some of you might face some employ related troubles.

Financially this is a good period. There will be opportunity for additional income. There will be gains from property deals. Investments made in this year will bring good results. People might confuse you regarding investments – do not blindly take advice of other people. There are chances of theft or loss of valuables.

There will be some misunderstandings with friends and relatives. Spouse will be of great help. Women will get opportunity to be part of religious festivities. Children will be demanding. There will be happy news in the family. Marriage plans will move ahead as desired. Health of a family member will cause some worry. Those looking for second marriage will face delays.

Those having serious relationship and family issues will decide to stay apart. Some of you might seek professional help.

Students will face accidents and accusations. Avoid bad friendship and unwanted thoughts.

Travels will face delays and lack of success.