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Dreaming Of Red Eyes – Meaning

Dreaming of red eyes is a warning sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means anger, fights and physical attack. It also means you will be watched by people with evil intentions. It also means you your enemies will be active. Dreams of red eyes and if you realize it is yours then it means you will get angry at someone. It also means some kind of health issues related to eyes in near future.

Dream of red eyes and you wake up terrified and crying means you will be chased by people in an unknown place. It also means you should avoid night travel, walking lonely or visiting deserted places.

Dreaming of red eyes and you know the eyes or recognize the person means you need to avoid getting into confrontation with the person. It also means an acquaintance or known person will cause damage to you physically.

Dreams of red eyes and you are seen running in the dream means bad luck. It also means you will not get the right results in near future. It also means failure and frustration.