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Nyaya Manjari

Nyaya Manjari is celebrated commentary on Nyaya Sutra. Nyaya Manjari is monumental work written by Jayanta Bhatta. The date of Jayanta is certain, ranging between the 9th and 11th centuries. It is an encyclopedia of logic, metaphysics, ethics and theology.

In the introductory section, Jayanta explains the utility of knowledge texts. Jayanta examines Nyaya topics under the heading of pramana and discusses the nature of prameyas or objects of valid knowledge. In fact, he has not written any thorough commentary on all Nyaya Sutras, instead he has pinpointed the first sutra and interpreted pramana and prameya in elaborate detail, using other sutras in support of his exposition. He severely criticizes the Samkhya view of pramana, as also that of the Buddhists.

While explaining verbal knowledge, Jayanta opposes the views of Mimamsakas and upholds the Nyaya doctrine of tatparya. He also opposes Sphotavada, the theory of phonetic explosion. In Nyaya Manjari, in chapters III, IV, V, VII, Jayanta criticizes the Buddhist doctrines of apoha (the knowledge of a thing by the exclusion of its opposites), kshanabhanga (doctrine of momentary existence), srutyapramanya (denial of the authority of Veda), isvarabhanga (the non-existence of God), and so on while criticizing all the rival theories.