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Suktimala Quotes And Teachings

A collection of quotes and teachings from Suktimala.

In muddy water, both water and mud remain together. Similarly, happiness and sorrow are companions.

Beauty is nice, but it is not eternal. One gets old and loses beauty. But the good qualities one possesses remain long after.

In charity when a person gives food during famine, gold when there is prosperity and courage at the time of fear earns respect even in heaven.

A collection of quotes and teachings from Suktimala.

Study of all the Vedas, visit to pilgrim centers, merit obtained by sacrifices and rituals are not equal to non-violence.

For one who does not have enthusiasm, and who is pessimistic and sorrowful, all the tasks are destroyed, and he becomes depressed.

The sun is decorative to the sky;
The bee is decorative to a garden of flowers;
Truth is decorative to speech;
Charity is decorative to wealth;
Friendship is decorative to the mind;
Love is decorative to the spring season;
Good words and proverbs are decorative to an assembly;
Modesty is decorative to all qualities.

Ask for good qualities, not for beauty.
Ask for good character, and not the family.
Ask for achievements, and not the amount of studies.
Ask for enjoyment, and not the wealth.