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Eight Important Names of Lord Shiva

Eight Important Names of Lord Shiva, which should be remembered and chanted daily, are:
  1. Bhavan
  2. Sarva
  3. Isanan
  4. Pashupathi
  5. Ugran
  6. Rudran
  7. Bhiman
  8. Mahadevan.

Please note that this concept is more popular in South India. That is the reason why Mahadev is referred to as Mahadevan.

At the end of Sahasranamam, Ashtothra and Archana these eight names are chanted.

It is chanted as follows,
  • Bhavaya Devaya Namah
  • Sarvaya Devaya Namah
  • Isanaya Devaya Namah
  • Pasupathaye Devaya Namah
  • Rudraya Devaya Namah
  • Ugraya Devaya Namah
  • Bhimaya Devaya Namah and
  • Mahadhe Devaya Namah