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Shradh – Tarpan in Adhik Ashada Masa 2015 in Hindu Calendar – Rituals Dedicated to Dead in Extra Month in Hindu Calendar

Shradh – Tarpan rituals to be performed in Adhik Ashada Month are mentioned below. Certain rituals dedicated to the dead are to be performed in the extra month. Certain have to be skipped. The details of Shradh – Tarpan in Adhik Ashada 2015 is given below.

Annual Shradh rituals regularly performed in Ashada month should be performed only in the Nija Ashada month and not in the Adhik Month.
The first annual Shradh of those people died in last shada month should be performed in the Adhik shada month this year.
Monthly Shradh should be performed in both Adhika and Nija shadaMonths.
If the 12th Masika Shradh occurs in Adhika, then after performing 12th Masika in Adhika and Nija months, Prathama Abdika should be performed in the 14th Month.
Darsha Shraddha, Nitya Shraddha, Yugadi-Manvadi Shraddha should be performed in both Adhika and Nija Masa.
Prati-Samvatsarika Shraddha of those who expired in last Adhika Masa should be performed in Adhika Masa only. It should not be performed in Nija …

The Story of Adhik Maas or Purushottama Masa associated with Hindu God Vishnu

Adhik Maas or Purushottama Masa is the extra month added to a Hindu lunar calendar once in 32 months to make the lunar calendar similar to the solar calendar. There is an interesting story that associates Adhik Maas or Purushottama Masa with Hindu God Vishnu.
The 12 months in a traditional calendar is assigned to particular Hindu God. But when the 13 month in a lunar calendar was created by Rishis and Saints, it was not assigned to any God. Thus it acquired the name of Mal Maas or Malimmucha. This was like a stigma to the extra month.

Now the Adhik Maas felt disillusioned and sad and approached Lord Vishnu. Adhik Masa complained that as he was not assigned to any God he will be rejected by humans. So the Adhik Masa sought the help of Lord Vishnu to escape from this tricky situation.
Lord Vishnu took pity on Adhik Masa and assigned it to him especially to Lord Krishna. He also gave the name Purushottama Maas to the month.
Lord Vishnu also said that the merit acquired in this month thr…

Brahmapuri in Hinduism - The city of Hindu God Brahma

Brahmapuri is the city of Hindu God Brahma, the creator and the first of the trinity in Hinduism. It is believed that the city is located on the summit of MountMeru. It is believed that the Holy River Ganga descended here and it gets divided into four streams here – namely Sita, Alakananda, Chakshu and Bhadra.
Brahmapuri is nearly 14,000 yojanas.
There are a total of nine cities atop the MountMeru. Brahmapuri is also known as Brahma's Manovati.
The eight cities of Dikpalas or guardian deities are located around Brahmapuri.
Atharva Veda states that in the city resides a vast-bodied Yaksha (atmati- vadyaksha). Thus, suggesting that there were other beings like Yakshas residing in Brahmapuri.

Short Wonderful Video Documentary on Nabakalebara in Puri Jagannath Temple and its Symbolic Meaning

Nabakalebara is the change of the murtis worshipped in the world famous PuriJagannathTemple in Orissa. It is not a mere ritual. It has deep symbolic meaning. It extols the true teachings of Hinduism. You can watch a wonderful short video documentary on Nabakalebara and its symbolic meaning.
You can watch the video here on the official website of Nabakalebara.

Fasting in Adhik Mahina – Hindu Extra Month Vrat, Pujas and Rituals in Adhika Masa

Adhik Maas is known as Purushottama Masa is western parts on India and is considered highly auspicious for performing vrat, pujas, fasts and rituals dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The recitation of Srimad Bhagavad Purana and of the Bhagavad Gita during this month produces highly meritorious results. Some people undertake fasting during the month dedicated to Lord Vishnu. In 2015, Adhika Mahina is from June 17 to July 16 and is the Adhik Ashada Mahina.

In Bhavishyottara Purana, Sri Krishna talks about the Adhik Maas Vrat. He says that by carrying out the Vrat with the dedication to Vishnu through fasting, cleanliness, charity, puja etc. merits are acquired which produce unfailing results and all sorts of problems and tragedies are overcome. Fasting in one Adhik Maas is equal to performing 1000 Kartik Maas Vrat.
Adhik Maas Vrat begins on the first day and ends on the last day of Adhik Masa.
During the month it is good to wake up during the hours of Brahma Muhurta (between 4 am and 6 am). 

Adhika Masa Begins Today – June 17, 2015 – Extra Month or Adhik Mahina in Hindu Lunar Calendar

Adhik Mahina, also known as Purushottam Maas or Kala Mahina or Mal Maas, is an extra month that is added to traditional Hindu lunar calendar once in 2.5 years. In 2015 Hindu calendar, there is an Adhik Masa or an extra month. This Adhik Mahina is from June 17, 2015 to July 16, 2015 and this is Adhik Ashada Mahina. The Adhik Mahina concept is followed in calendars followed in North India, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

It must be noted here that the Adhika Masam is not followed in traditional calendars followed in Assam, Bengal, Kerala and Tamil Nadu as it is based on Solar Calendar.
Adhik Mahina is strictly associated with those regions that follow lunar calendar.
The month is dedicated to Sri Krishna.

The main reason for the extra month is that lunar calendars lag behind the solar calendar as a month in lunar calendar is only 28 or 29 days. Solar calendars have 30 to 32 days in a month. To adjust, extra month is added in lunar calendar.
There are numerous superst…