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Goddess Jwalamukhi – The Story of Origin of Hindu Goddess Jwalamukhi

Goddess Jwalamukhi is an incarnation of Mother Goddess Shakti. The Goddess appeared in the form of a fierce flame on earth. Legend has it that once two demons named Chand and Mund looted all the wealth of Devas. Symbolically, it suggests that the Devas lost their peace and prosperity to the two demons.

The Devas then propitiated Shiva to get back the lost treasures. Shiva was pleased by the long and intense penance performed by Devas and appeared before them. Shiva assured them that Mother Goddess would appear in the form of flame and help them.

Chand and Mund had hid all the wealth that they had stolen from Devas in a cave in a hill where the present day Jwalamukhi Temple is located in Kashmir.

Goddess Jwalamukhi then appeared on the hill, consumed the two demons, and returned the wealth to the Devas.

The Goddess then decided to reside on the hill in this form.

Goddess Jwalamukhi is popularly worshipped in the form of a yantra.

The most popular temple dedicated to Goddess Jwalamukhi is located in Himachal Pradesh. Here the belief is that the eternal flame present in the shrine is the one created by Goddess Sati to perform self immolation at Daksha Yajna.