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Capricorn Zodiac Sign – The Reason and Origin of Goat or Crocodile Sign of Capricorn

Have you ever wondered why Goat or Crocodile is the sign of Capricorn Zodiac? It is widely believed that it was ancient Hindus and Egyptians who divided a year into spring, summer, autumn and winter and assigned to each season three constellations through which the Sun passed. The reason and origin of Goat or Crocodile Sign of Capricorn is amusing but apt.

Capricorn is also referred as Goat or Crocodile (December 23 – January 20) as per Solar Calendar.

The reason for the name Capricorn is because sun begins to rise higher under the sign of ibex (wild goat) or capricornous. 

Capricorn is also the latin name for horned goat.