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Story of Demon Kabandha in the Ramayana – A Headless Rakshasa

Kabandha is a headless Demon, or Rakshasa, mentioned in the Ramayana. Kabandha had a weird shape; his mouth was in his belly. A huge eye was on his forehead, which was on his chest. He also had two enormous arms. Sri Ram and Lakshman were caught by Kabandha while they were searching for Mata Sita after she was kidnapped by Ravan.

Kabandha caught hold of Sri Ram and Lakshman in his huge arms. They could not escape from the mighty arms and finally they cut off the arms of the demon and freed themselves. Kabandha was now about to die.

Now, the demon introduced himself to Sri Ram and Lakshman. He told them that he was a Gandharva who was cursed by a sage named Sthulashiras. Before being cursed he was called Vishvavasu and was very handsome. He used to take fearful forms to scare and harass humans and saints.

During one such antics, Sage Sthulashiras cursed him. The sage told the demon that he will get back his handsome form when Sri Ram will cut off his huge arms and cremate him after his death.

Soon Kabandha died and Sri Ram and Lakshman cremated him. Vishvavasu got back his original form.

Vishvavasu then advised Sri Ram and Lakshman to cross River Pampa and reach Rishyamukha and take the help of Hanuman and Sugriva in finding Mata Sita.

Thus the curse of Vishvavasu was part of the cosmic plan to help Sri Ram and Lakshman.

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