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Photo Tour of Bullet Temple in Rajasthan

Believe it or not, Bullet Temple at Chottila on National Highway 65 between Jodhpur and Pali in Rajasthan, is dedicated to an Enfield Bullet bike and to Om Banna. Om Singh Rathore, popularly known as Om Banna, died on the spot in an accident in 1991. His body was discovered the next day and police took the Enfield Bullet bike to the police station.

The bullet that was taken to the police station disappeared the night and was found in the same spot next morning. Police thought this was some mischief by the youth in the region and took it back gain to the station.

The bike again disappeared from the police station and was found in the same spot. This time police emptied the petrol tank and bound the Enfield bike with iron chains.

Next morning the bike was found in the same spot. Puzzled police gave back the bike to Om Banna’s relatives. The same routine was repeated and people in the village started hearing sounds of Enfield bike starting and moving around.

Fed up, the relatives sold the bike to a person in Gujarat several thousand kilometers away. But within days the bike returned to the accident spot. The new owner who came to know about the stories abandoned it.

Soon stories of the ghost of Om Banna helping trucker drives and accident victims and other people on the Highway began to emerge.

Soon Om Banna and his Enfield Bullet bike was given a proper resting place and people started to worship it.

Today, all trucks that pass through Chottila blow horn for a safe journey. First it was villagers and families of truck drivers that started worshipping here. Now people from other villages have started offering prayers. It is also a favorite destination with bikers.

The favorite offering here is Bullet Beer – Om Banna was drunk when he met with the accident and his favorite drink was the Bullet Beer.