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Kolla Varsham – Kolla Varsham Aarambam in Malayalam Calendar in Kerala

Kolla Varsham is the term used to refer to a year in Malayalam Calendar in Kerala. Kolla Varsham Aarambam is the first day in Chinga Masam. It is also known as Chingam 1. Kolla Varsham 1200 starts on August 17, 2024. Current Kollavarsham which began on August 17, 2023 is 1199.

The Malayalam Panchangam is based on Kollavarsham – mid August to mid August.

It must be noted that Vishu (April 14 or 15 - the first day of Medam Month in Malayalam calendar) is also celebrated as New Year day by Malayalis and it is the zodiac New Year. The first month in a Malayalam calendar is Chingam.

Kollavarsham began in 825 AD. It is believed that Kollam era began on 1st of Chingam in commemoration of the achievement of independence from Perumal rule by Venad.

It must be noted that there is no single opinion regarding the origin of Kollavarsham. So the reason for the establishment of Kollavarsham is subject to debate.