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Navagunjara – A nine-part Animal in Oriya Mahabharata – Navgunjara

Navagunjara is a creature mentioned Oriya Mahabharata written by Sarala Das. It is a combination of nine different animals and it appeared before Arjuna during one of his expeditions. Navgunjara had the head of rooster or cock, neck of peacock, hump of a bull, tail of a serpent, leg of elephant, leg of tiger, leg of antelope and hands of human beings.

Arjuna’s natural reaction was to take his bow and attack the monster before it attacks him. But suddenly Arjuna noticed that Navagunjara was holding a lotus. He lowered his bow and wondered what this creature was.

He then remembered the words of Sri Krishna that human mind is limited but universe is boundless. Things that human mind might have never imagined can exist in the universe. Just because humans have not seen or heard, does not mean that it does not exist.

Arjuna then bowed Navagunjara and paid his respects. Forms of the supreme truth are countless. What we have heard, seen or imagined is just a drop.