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Story Of Ayyappa And Poongodi

Ayyappa was concerned about the recapturing of Sabarimala which had fallen in the hands of Maravas. For mustering strength, he joined the camp of a famous warrior Mooppil to learn Ezhappayittu. Mooppil had a beautiful daughter named Poongodi.

Poongodi fell in love with Ayyappa. Poongodi did not aspire for physical love. She only wanted to be a partner in the spiritual quest and to help in capturing Sabarimala. Ayyappa agreed to her wishes.

Mooppil who learned about his daughter’s love interest asked his forces to help Ayyappa in his mission to recapture Sabarimala from the Maravas.

Ayyappa forgot about the promises made to Poongodi as he was busy finding friends to fight the Maravas.

Ayyappa soon defeated the Maravas.

But he did not return to fulfill the promise made to Poongodi. She then reached the spot where Ayyappa was meditating.

Poonkodi found an Ayyappa who had turned unworldly and had taken to deep meditation. As she sought only spiritual partnership, he asked Poongodi to go to Ponnambalamedu and live there. She did accordingly and started a custom to remind him of her presence by lighting lamps every year when the sun moves into Capricorn – this is the famous Makaravilakku.

This story is found in the Ezhothisesham songs in Kerala.