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Hakik Mala – Black Hakik Rosary

Hakik Mala or Rasary are made from black stone and is considered very powerful. The popular belief is that it helps in protecting the wearer from bad energies and also helps in attaining courage and success. Black Hakik Malas are made from Agate - an impure form of quartz which is milky or grayish banded and is used as a gemstone.

Hakik RosaryThere are too many good effects attached to Hakik Mala. Some texts suggest that wearing of it helps in good fortune, overcoming of fears and helps to alleviate certain types of allergies. Some texts are of the view that it helps in reproduction related problems. Tantrics use the Mala to escape from black magic and evil eye.

The number of beads in the Mala includes 108 + 1. There are also yellow, white, green, red and white colored Hakik Malas available. The most popular is the black colored one.