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Karbheshwar Mahadev – Karmeshwar Form of Shiva

Karbheshwar or Karmeshwar Mahadev is one of the manifestations of Shiva. Information about this form of Shiva is found in the Skanda Purana. Karbheshwar Mahadev Shivling is worshipped near the Kalbhairava Temple in Ujjain.

Information about Karbheshwar Mahadev is rare and what little we know is found in the Skanda Purana.

This form is worshiped for attaining peace and prosperity by many. Those looking for desire fulfillment offer prayers daily. Those wishing to attain moksha meditate on this form.

This is a very small shrine with a Shivling and Nandi facing it.

Karbheshwar Mahadev is one of the 84 Mahadev temples in Ujjain and it is the 73rd temple visited during the parikarama of Shiavalayas here.