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Sittukuruvi Kaliamman Temple Associated with Sparrows in Madurai in Tamil Nadu

Sittukuruvi Kaliamman Temple is located in Madurai in Tamil Nadu and is associated with sparrows. The shrine is dedicated to Goddess Kali. Legend has it that late freedom fighter Govindasamy Naidu had a dream where a sparrow appeared and told him to build a temple for Goddess Kali near the North Masi Street in Madurai. A murti of Goddess Kali was located here but it did not have a temple.

As the temple was built based on a dream by Sittukuruvi, sparrow, the temple got the name Sittukuruvi Kaliamman Temple.
Nyooz writes
Renowned author of folklore A Sivasubramanian has said many local deities found an association with the fauna of the region. "Sparrows found a mention in the Sangam literature, dating back to 300 BC, where they are mentioned as `Manai Urai Kuruvi` (bird that lives in the house)," he said. "Sittukuruvi Kali is one such example where even smaller birds living in the vicinity found an association with the deity.
The surrounding areas were known for trading grain, and sparrows found it an ideal place to live," he added. People believe that Sittukuruvi Kali is a powerful goddess. "She is a very powerful goddess and is known to cure lumps or pimples. 
The temple remains intact, so also is people`s faith in the temple. But the sparrows are missing. "Sparrows used to fly around the goddess. 
They flocked the area during festivals. But I can`t see them now. They all have gone," bewailed Kothaiamma.