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Bala Ganapati – Child form of Ganesh – Bala Ganapathy

Bala Ganapati is one among the 32 forms of Ganesha. This is the child form of Ganesha and is worshipped to keep the mind calm and tension free. Bala Ganapathy mantra is ‘Karasthe kadali choothapana sekshookmodakam bala suryamimam vande devam balaganaadeepam.’

The face of Bala Ganapati is of a child elephant. The usual posture is sitting. But there are also sleeping and crawling postures.

The color that is associated with this form of Ganesha is that of the early morning sun.

Bala Ganapati has four hands. The left hands hold sugarcane and jackfruit and the right hands hold a bunch of banana and mango. The trunk is shown holding a Modak.

The popular belief is that offering prayers and chanting the mantra associated with Bala Ganapati will help in improving health and also soothes the mind and keeps it tension free. It is also said that worship of this form of Ganesha by children will help in attaining good health and intelligence. Bad habits of children will also change through prayers to Bala Ganapathy.