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Agni Kavadi – Walking On Fire – Coal – In Murugan Temples with Kavadi

Agni Kavadi is a unique ritual performed in certain Murugan and Amman temples. Devotees, who vow to take the Agni Kavadi, walk over pits of red hot coals by carrying Kavadi on their shoulders.

Kavadi is two baskets suspended from a bamboo pole, decorated with peacock feathers. It is carried on the shoulders by Murugan devotees.

It is believed that those carrying Agni Kavadi and walking over pits of red hot coals get the power directly from Muruga. They are possessed for the moment by the Lord.

This ritual is performed for getting desires fulfilled. Some devotees perform it as thanksgiving for answering their prayers.

Agni Kavadi is usually performed once in a year and will be part of the major festival in Murugan Temple.