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Kuldevta in Hinduism – The Concept of Family Deity

Kuldevta, also known as Kuladevta or Kuldevi or Kuldevata, is the concept of family deity in Hinduism. This tradition is strictly followed by many Hindus but sadly, several Hindus also have lost this tradition or stopped following it. Vedic Rishis keeping in mind the future needs of people especially when people will drift away from studying of Vedas designed the concept of Kuldevta.

Vedic Rishis very well knew that in future people under the influence of Kali Yuga would not be learning Vedas. To help them overcome the difficulties of not learning Vedas, the Rishis designed beeja mantras.
Chanting of the beeja mantras helped people overcome difficulties. The mantra was primarily conceived to overcome all sort of weaknesses. When weaknesses were removed people attained peace and prosperity.
Further intense chanting of the Beeja mantras gave rise to mental forms. This was later given physical form by Rishis and thus we have Kuldevta deities.

The beeja mantra for a family depends on the ancestors, the place they are residing, climate and environment. Each family has a particular weakness and strength. The Kuldevta and beej mantra of family is conceived to remove the weakness and enhance strength.

The concept of Kuldevta also kept in mind the health related troubles of a family.

When chanted properly, Beeja mantra ushers in change in thinking pattern and reinvigorates the brain cells and veins. The chanting should be done with a mental picture or physical form of the Kuldevta.

Today many people are not aware of their Kuldevta. They have lost contact with their roots. Most of the difficulties such people face can be alleviated if they can identify the Kuldevta and the beej mantra.