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Each Day of a Week Dedicated to a Particular Hindu God

In Hinduism, each day of a week is dedicated to a particular god in the Hindu pantheon. Apart from the special Vratas and Upvaas, many Hindus also fast on a particular day in a week. Each day in a week has a specialty and there are numerous folklores associated with the fasting observed on the days of a week.
Sunday is dedicated to Lord Surya (Sun God). Those who undertake fast (upvaas) on the day only take a single meal. Oil and salt is avoided. Red is the color of the day and red flowers are offered to Surya. (more details)
Monday is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is said that Lord Shiva is easily pleased. Therefore many people observe Upvaas on Monday. Those devotees observing fast only eat food once. People visit Lord Shiva shrines and conduct pujas, especially, Ardhanarishwara puja. The mantra ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ is chanted continuously. Siva devotees also read Shiva Purana. Unmarried women observe the Vrat to get good husbands. Others observe it for a happy and prosper…

Vasant Panchami Thoughts and Quotes

Vasant Panchami announces the arrival of Vasant Ritu or the Spring Season. The biting cold of the winter disappears and sunshine appears. It is a period of regeneration. Flowers, green leaves and fresh fragrance signal, prosperity, hope and love. The festival gets its name from ‘Vasanti’ (yellow) – the color of the fields of mustard crop.
It is also the period when mango trees start flowering. It is also the period when numerous other fruit trees start flowering and puts a fresh coat of green leaves.
The period also heralds the season of love – because it marks the return of vitality and vigor after the harsh and lethargic winter.
Vasant Panchami is also an occasion for worshiping the Hindu God of Love, Kamadeva, and his companion Rati.
Goddess Saraswati — the deity of knowledge – is worshiped on the day. It is an auspicious occasion for the learners of music and other art forms. The period also marks the songs of the returning birds.
Yellow is the color of the period as it stands f…

Soundarya Lahari Teachings

Shiva is capable of action only when He is united with Shakti. Otherwise He is not capable of any movement. How can anyone, who has not accumulated enough punya, sing your praises or prostrate before you who is the object of worship even for the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva? (Verse 1)
Brahma collects the fine dust from your lotus feet and performs the act of creation. Vishnu supports all the worlds thus created with his thousand heads (in the form of Adi Sesha) with great effort.  During the dissolution, Shiva converts the universe into fine ash and smears his body with it. (Verse 2)
You are the sun that illumines the inner darkness. To the ignorant, you are a blossoming flower, oozing streams of honey. To the poor, you are the jewel that grants everything one desires. And to those drowning in the ocean of death and rebirth, you are the tusk of the wild boar. (Verse 3)

O Devi! All the other gods, except you, show the ‘abhaya’ (palm raised up to indicate ‘no-fear’) and ‘varada’…