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Story - Snake Adisesha Helping Vasudeva In Carrying Little Krishna from Kamsa’s Prison

The 1000-headed Adisesha form canopy while Vasudeva was carrying little Krishna to Gokul from the prison of Kamsa. This wonderful story is found in the Srimad Bhagavad Purana, Mahabharata and Harivamsam. Sri Krishna was born to Devaki at midnight in the prison. All the guards were fast asleep and the prison doors opened on its own.

Vasudeva was to carry the little Krishna to the house of Mata Yashoda in Gokul and carry back the child that was born to Nanda and Yashoda.

When Vasudeva ventured out of the prison, it was raining heavily and suddenly Snake Adisesha appeared and formed a canopy to guard the little Krishna from the heavy downpour. He thus protected the baby from the fury of the rains. It is said that the gems on the hood of Adisesha illuminated the path. Thus Vasudeva was able to safely carry little Krishna to Gokul.

Adisesha, also known as Ananta, is the 1000-headed serpent on whom Bhagvan Vishnu rests is the Milky Ocean.