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Throwing Puja Materials into Yamuna River Will Attract Fine of Rupees 5000

We Hindus have a very bad habit of polluting our holy rivers. On one hand we worship rivers and on another hand we shamelessly pollute them specially by throwing all plastic puja materials. To stop this practice, National Green Tribunal has decided to fine people who throw puja materials into Yamuna River. The person doing so will attract a fine of Rupees 5000.
Economic Times reports 
Throwing puja offerings into the Yamuna, a ritual for many Delhiites, will now invite a fine of Rs 5,000. 
These are part of the 27-point plan — Mailey se Nirmal Yamuna Revitalisation Plan 2017 — pronounced by the National Green Tribunal on Tuesday to clean up the river and restore its floodplains, a task in which the Centre's Yamuna Action Plans have failed and hundreds of crores have gone waste. The tribunal's judgment came on a petition by Manoj Misra of Yamuna Jiye Abhiyan against pollution in the Yamuna and covering of drains in Delhi.
The easiest solution to the problem is to avoid all plastic and non-degradable materials from puja. Use only natural materials while performing pujas.

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