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Marleshwar Yatra at Maral near Ratnagiri – Marleshwar Temple Festival at Maral

Marleshwar Yatra is annually held on Makar Sankranti day. This is one of the important festivals at Marleshwar Temple at Maral near Ratnagiri in Maharashtra. Marleshwar Yatra 2025 date is January 14. The shrine is dedicated to Hindu God Shiva.

Believed to have been established by Parasuram, Marleshwar is a cave temple and is surrounded by huge trees and herbs. The cave shrine is famous for snakes which are seen always in the premises.

The annual festival celebrates the marriage of Marleshwar and Goddess Girija Devi. The yatra attracts thousands of devotees. 

Marleshwar Yatra at Maral is annually held on Makar Sankranti day as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in Maharashtra.