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Bhargava Rama

Bhargava Rama is a name of Parashurama, the sixth incarnation of Bhagvan Srihari Vishnu. Bhargava Rama is the name widely used in Mahabharata. His father was Sage Jamadagni and one his ancestors was Bhrigu Rishi. So he was known as Bhargava. When he was born his was named Rama. Thus he came to be known as Bhargava Rama.

It must be noted here that the name Parashuram is not used in Mahabharata. The sixth incarnation of Vishnu is referred as Bhargava Rama or Jamadagnya.

Bhargava Rama appeared to annihilate those Kshatriyas (the warrior class) that had strayed from the path of Dharma and oppressed people and destroyed Mother Nature.

Exploits of Bhargava Rama are mentioned in Mahabharat, Ramayana and the Puranas. It is said that this avatar of Vishnu killed 21 generations of Kshatriyas.