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Chowdeshwari Devi – About Hindu Goddess Chowdeshwari Devi – Choundeshwari Story

Chowdeshwari Devi is a manifestation of Mother Goddess Shakti. She is worshipped mainly in Karnataka and parts of Maharashtra. She is the family deity of many families and communities in the region. Choundeshwari Devi story is given below.

Chowdeshwari Devi is four armed. She holds sword and trishul with a snake in the right hands. In the left hands she holds sweet bowl and a snake with Damaru or hourglass-shaped drum. 

She wears red color sari and has a look that gives an assurance of motherly affection.

Legend has it that Shiva asked Goddess Parvati to take the manifestation of Goddess Chowdeshwari to defeat a demon had a boon that every drop of their blood which touched the ground would create a thousand warriors. Chowdeshwari spread her tongue on earth and covered it. She drank all the blood before it fell on the ground and the demon was defeated.

Chowdeshwari Devi is also associated with Nagas or Serpent worship.