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Gopadma Vrata during Chaturmasa - Go Padma Vratam

Gopadma Vrata is dedicated to the worship of cows and is observed during the Chaturmasa – the four holy months in Hinduism. Go Padma Vratam starts on Deva Shayani Ekadasi in Ashada Month and ends on Uttahna Ekadasi in Kartik Month. Gopadma Vrata 2018 begins on July 24 – the day when the Chaturmas Vrata begins for many Hindu communities - and ends on November 19 - the next day of Uttahana Ekadasi.

The importance of Gopadma Vrata is mentioned in the Aditya Purana.

Cow is worshipped by many people and Go Mata puja is of great significance to many devout Hindus. During the period of Chaturmas, cattle sheds are thoroughly cleaned and decorated with kolams (Rangoli). After thoroughly cleaning the cattle, they are given Prasad and are worshipped along with Lord Vishnu.

It must be noted that Gopadma is also an auspicious sign drawn on Rangoli.

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