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Goddess Vrinda

Goddess Vrinda is another name of Tulsi and her story is mentioned in the Brahmavaivarta Purana. Vrinda was the daughter of King Dharmadwaja. She married the demon king Shankachuda.

Virtue of Vrinda protected her husband from the attempts of Devas to kill him. Shankachuda had become arrogant when he realized that he was invincible. To negate his power, Vishnu appeared disguised as Shankachuda and made love to Vrinda. When Vrinda lost her chastity Shankachuda lost all his powers and Shiva killed him.

Vishnu who realized that Vrinda had suffered for no fault of hers gave her the boon that she will be born as Vrinda or Tulsi on earth and will be worshipped by all.

Goddess Vrinda is worshipped daily for peace and prosperity. It is believed that her presence in the home helps in keeping all forms of negative forces away.