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Rankini Devi – About Goddess Rankini

Goddess Rankini is a manifestation of Mother Goddess Shakti. She is mainly worshipped in eastern parts of India, especially in Orissa, Jharkhand and Bengal. From ancient times, the tribes of the region worshiped her. Her shrines are mainly located in deep jungles. She is also a popular fertility deity in the region.

There is no reference of Rankini Devi in the Vedas, Puranas or Epics.

Goddess Rankini is invoked for protection. She was the guardian deity who helped people who ventured into the forest for various purposes.

Today, Goddess Rankini is worshipped like other forms of Mother Goddess. She is worshiped for wish fulfillment and for early cure of diseases. She is also worshipped by couples for good and healthy children.

The murti of Goddess Rankini is a naturally occurring stone with marks of her presence.

Even today animals are offered to her as part of sacrifice ritual.

Important temples dedicated to Rankini Devi are located in Jamshedhpur and Ghatshila.