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Jambunatha Form Of Shiva – About Hindu God Jambunatha

Jambunatha form of Shiva is worshipped mainly South India, especially in Karnataka. This form is associated with Jambu tree. Legend has it that Shiva gave darshan to an ardent devotee of His under the Jambu Tree.

Jambunatha Form Of Shiva – About Hindu God Jambunatha

A sage was once performing Tapas under a Jambu Tree. He got a fruit from the tree. He offered it to Shiva and later consumed it as Prasad. The fruit germinated in the stomach of the Sage and grew up into a tree. 

Shiva appeared on the tree and gave darshan to the sage by appearing on the tree.

As Shiva appeared under a Jambu tree, he came to be known as Jambunatha.

The most famous temple dedicated to Jambunatha is located at Thiruvanaikovil in Tamil Nadu and is known as Jambukeswarar Akilandeswari Temple.

In Karnataka, too there are numerous shrines dedicated to Jambunatha form of Shiva.