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Goddess Baglamukhi – Information about Baglamukhi Mata

Goddess Baglamukhi is an incarnation of Goddess Shakti and is one of the Mahavidhyas. There are several legends associated with Baglamukhi Mata. She is the eighth Mahavidhya among the 10 Mahavidhyas. The goddess is worshipped in the form a powerful yantra. Baglamukhi means one whose face has the power to capture or control. She thus represents the power of the Goddess to control her devotees.

Goddess Baglamukhi is depicted as sitting on a golden throne surrounded by an ocean of nectar with lotus flower in it. She has golden complexion and a crescent moon adorns her head. She wears yellow color dress. She is depicted as either having two hands or four hands.

When she is two-armed, she is benign and kind mother. When she is four armed she is fierce destroyer of Adharma.

She hits a demon with a club in her right hand, while pulling his tongue out with her left hand.
Devotees worship her for attaining victory over enemies. It is widely believed that Goddess Baglamukhi blesses her devotees with hypnotic powers, which can be used to defeat enemies.

One of the most popular legends says that Goddess Shakti took the form of Baglamukhi to protect the universe from a huge storm that had the capacity to destroy the universe.

Another legend has it that that she stopped a demon named Madan by pulling his tongue out. The demon realized his mistakes and prayed to the Goddess and he was forgiven. The popular image of Goddess Baglamukhi has she pulling the tongue of the demon. 

Popular temples dedicated to Baglamukhi are located in Assam near the Kamakhya Temple, in Himachal Pradesh at Bankhandi, in Madhya Pradesh at Nalkheda and Datia and in Tamil Nadu at Kallidaikurichi in Tirunelveli District.