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Ugratara Temple at Saharsa in Bihar – Goddess Ugratara Mandir

Ugratara Temple is dedicated to Goddess Ugratara and is located in the interiors of Saharsa Distrct in Bihar. The temple is around 35 km from Saharsa Railway Station. Ugratara Mandir is considered as a Shaktipeetah as the black eyeball of the left eye of the Devi fell here. It is believed that Goddess Ugratara is located inside the left eye ball of Mother Goddess Shakti.

The temple came into being after Goddess Ugratara appeared in the dream of Rani Padmavati, wife of king Hitendranarayana Singh. The dream gave the exact location of the murti of Goddess and the Rani discovered it. She then worshipped the Goddess here.

A floor of the temple has several murtis of Hindu Gods and Goddesses discovered from nearby areas.
Tuesday is the most important day in the temple.

Uniqueness of the Temple
While in general Goddess Kali keeps her right leg in forward position, in case of Ugratara it is the opposite. The Goddess keeps her left leg in forward position.

After Sunset, devotees are not allowed to enter the temple.

Ugratara Temple at Saharsa is famous for tantrik siddhi. Meat, liquor and fish are offered to the Goddess.