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Shakti Ganapati - Symbolism - Mantra - Benefits Of Worship

Shakti Ganapati is one among the 32 forms of Hindu God Ganesh. This form of Ganesha is worshipped for the control of the five senses. Shakti Ganapati Mantra is Alingya deveem haritandgyashtim
parasparakshlishta katipradesham!
Sandhyarunam pashasni vahantham
bhayapaham Shakti ganeshameede

In this form Ganesha is depicted as hugging a Goddess. Some scholars are also of the view that this is a Tantric posture of Ganapati.

The color of Shakti Ganapathi is deep red like setting sun. He has four hands and holds a noose, flower garland, one hand is in blessing posture and with the fourth he hugs the goddess, who is seated on this lap.

It is believed that prayers to this form helps in controlling the sense organs, so that a devotee will concentrate on his mission and achieve it without any major trouble. 

Shakti Ganapati, depicted as hugging a Goddess in a Tantric posture, carries deep symbolic meaning:

Tantric Symbolism: The embrace of Shakti Ganapati with a Goddess symbolizes the union of masculine (Ganesha) and feminine (Shakti) energies, reflecting the principle of harmony and balance in creation. This union is often seen as a representation of the cosmic interplay between these forces.

Color Symbolism: The deep red color of Shakti Ganapati, resembling the setting sun, signifies energy, vitality, and transformation. Red is also associated with passion, power, and auspiciousness in Hindu symbolism, suggesting the dynamic nature of this form of Ganesha.

Four Hands and Attributes:

  • Noose (Pasha): Represents the power to bind desires and control the mind. It symbolizes the discipline required to overcome worldly attachments and distractions.
  • Flower Garland (Pushpa Mala): Symbolizes the beauty and fragility of life, reminding devotees of the impermanence of material existence.
  • Blessing Posture (Abhaya Mudra): Signifies protection and fearlessness, offering assurance and dispelling fear from the hearts of devotees.
  • Embrace of the Goddess: This gesture represents intimacy and unity with the divine feminine, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all aspects of existence.

Spiritual Significance: Worshipping Shakti Ganapati is believed to aid devotees in gaining control over their sense organs and distractions. By focusing on this form of Ganesha, devotees seek to concentrate on their goals and missions without being hindered by external or internal obstacles.

Overall, Shakti Ganapati embodies the Tantric principles of union, discipline, protection, and spiritual transformation, offering devotees a pathway to harmonize their energies and achieve spiritual evolution.