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Ashta Dikpalas – the eight Hindu deities that protect the eight quarters of the world

In Hinduism, Ashtadikpalas, or Ashta Dik Palas, are the eight deities that guard the eight quarters of the world. They are popularly known as Dikpalas – the protectors of the quarters – or Lokpalas – the protectors the world. They are also mentioned as the guardian deities of the sky. The Ashta Dikpalas are mentioned in the following order:

East – Indira on Airavata – the white elephant. Sometimes Indira is depicted as sitting on a horse named Ucchaisravas.
South East – Agni on Mesha (the male goat).
South – Yama on Mahisha (the male buffalo).
South West – Nirurti on Ashwa (horse).
West – Varuna on Makara (the crocodile).
North West – Vayu on Mruga (the spotted deer).
North – Kubera on Nara (Man)
North East – Isana on Vrishbha (bull)

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