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Jimutaketu – Story – How Shiva got the name Jimutaketu?

Jimutaketu is one among the numerous names of Hindu God Shiva. Jimutom means dark rain clouds. How Shiva got the name Jimutaketu is mentioned in the Vamana Purana. Once Goddess Parvati was fed up with the gypsy lifestyle of Shiva and asked him to build a house to stay during summer seasons.

Shiva said to Goddess Parvati that he was one without a house and to escape from scorching summer heat he took her to forests with huge trees. They walked through the shade of the forest to escape from the heat.

Then the rainy season came and Goddess Parvati again request Shiva to build a house. Shiva said that he has no money to build a house and said that during rainy season they will stay atop the rain clouds to avoid rain.

Shiva then started residing atop the dark rain clouds during the rainy season.

When Shiva and Parvati stood atop the dark rain clouds they appeared like a flag pole from long distance. Thus Shiva got the name Jimutaketu.