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Legend of Chhari Mubarak – the holy mace of Lord Shiva

Originally, the pilgrimage to the famous Amaranth Cave used to follow the Chhari Mubarak (Lord Shiva’s holy silver mace) carried to the cave shrine by the ‘mahant’ of the Dashnami Akhara. According to Hindu Mythology, the Chhari Mubarak was gifted by Lord Shiva to Sage Bringesh and origin of the Chhari Mubarak and Amarnath Pilgrimage is detailed in the Bringesh Samhita.

Legend has it that the disciples of Sage Bringesh wanted to know how common man could obtain salvation. Sage Bringesh then narrated the importance of Amarnath Cave and the naturally formed Ice Shiva Lingam. He said that the easiest way to attain salvation in Kali Yuga was to take pilgrimages to the holy shrines like the Amarnath Cave Shrine.

The disciples of Sage Bringesh decided to take the pilgrimage to Amarnath Cave. But they were attacked by demons or Asuras. The disciples could not complete the journey and they sought the help of Sage Bringesh.

Sage Bringesh then undertook severe austerities and pleased with his devotion Lord Shiva appeared before him. For a safe journey to his abode, Lord Shiva gifted the holy mace now known as ‘Chhari Mubarak.’

The disciples followed the person who carried Chhari Mubarak and reached the cave safely. From that day onwards, the pilgrims used to follow the Chhari Mubarak to avoid untoward incidents during the journey.

But nowadays with the rampant commercialization of the Amarnath Yatra, the Chhari Mubarak reaches the cave shrine annually on the Raksha Bandhan day to mark the end of the pilgrimage.