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Bol Bom Dedicated To Shiva In Shravan Month

The Hindu Shravan month witnesses thousands of devotees visiting various shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva. The pilgrims shout ‘Bol Bom’ or ‘Bhol Bom’ meaning ‘Say Shiva’ during the pilgrimage. In some places the pilgrimage itself is referred as Bol Bom. The term is used mainly during the pilgrimage to Deoghar Baba Baidyanath Temple from Sultanganj (Shravani Mela).

In Nepal, Hindu devotees take part in a ‘Bol Bom’ pilgrimage in Kathmandu on Monday in Shravan Month. The devotees run or walk barefooted for kilometers to reach the Pashupatinath Temple seeking good health, wealth and happiness.

The Bol Bom yatris are also known as Kanwarias in India and they participate in the Kanwar Yatra. They carry the sacred Gangajal to home and Shiva Temples to bath the Shivling.