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Mahakal ki Shahi Sawari in Bhadrapad Month at Ujjain Mahakal Temple

Mahakal ki Shahi Sawari is a special procession that is taken out in Bhadrapad month in the Ujjain Mahakal Temple dedicated to Hindu God Shiva. These special rituals are held on first two Mondays or Somwar in Bhadrapad. Mahakal ki Shahi Sawari 2024 dates in Bhadrapad month are August 26 and September 2.

Special processions of the murti of Lord Shiva are held on the first two Mondays of Bhadrapad in the surrounding of the Ujjain Mahakal Temple. Thousands of people arrive to witness this unique ritual.

Please note that Mahakal ki Shahi Sawari is also held on all Mondays in Shravan month.