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Story Of The Birth Of Jambavan – The Bear – In The Ramayana

Jambavan is the Chiranjeevi (one without death) Bear in the Ramayana. His age or date of birth cannot be ascertained. The story of the Birth of Jambavan begins when there was no earth or living being.

As per Hindu belief, one day time of Brahma ended and night had started. Then suddenly demons Madhu and Kaitabha was born from the ear-wax of Lord Vishnu. They began to create trouble in the waters.

Then they saw Brahma, God of creation, sitting on a lotus which appeared from the navel of Vishnu.

They challenged him to fight.

Four-faced Brahma was afraid of the demons and his middle face began to sweat.

The sweat flowed from the cheeks to loins.

Jambavan appeared from that sweat.

As he was the first person who entered the region of Jambudwipa he came to be known as Jambavan.

As he was born when there was no universe or time his age or date of birth could not be ascertained.

At the time of Ramayana it is believed that Jambavan was six Manvantaras old.