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When should one change birthstone or Navratna or gemstone?

In Hindu astrology, gemstones play a significant role in influencing an individual's life by harnessing planetary energies. These gemstones, also known as Navratnas or birthstones, are often recommended to be worn for specific astrological benefits. According to tradition, it is advised that a birthstone or gemstone should be changed once every three years. This periodic change ensures that the gemstone remains effective and continues to provide the desired astrological benefits.

When it is time to replace the gemstone, the old one should not be discarded casually. Instead, it is customary to donate the old gemstone. This act of donation is believed to transfer the positive energy of the gemstone to another person who may benefit from it.

Alternatively, if one does not wish to donate the gemstone immediately, it can be set aside and kept away for a period of time. After this interval, it can be worn again for another cycle of three years. This practice allows the gemstone to regain its potency and effectiveness.

It is also important to note that once the desired result has been achieved, or if the challenging period indicated by one's astrological chart has passed, the gemstone should be removed. In such cases, the ring or gemstone should again be donated to another individual. This is based on the belief that the gemstone has served its purpose and can now aid someone else who might need its astrological benefits.

By following these guidelines, individuals can ensure that they are maximizing the positive influence of their gemstones while also engaging in the virtuous act of helping others through donation.