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Shani Remedies

The most important Shani Remedy is to offer prayers to Hanuman on Saturdays. Other Shani Remedies are donating mustard of sarson for 43 days without break. It can be donated to needy people or to a sacred place or thrown into a river.

Other items that can be donated include Urad (black lentil), sesame seeds, iron, leather goods, timber and coal.

Anyone of the above said items should be donated for 43 days without break to a poor person, or to a temple or sacred place or thrown into a river.

You can also observe puja and prayers dedicated to Bhairav form of Shiva.

Wearing black color dress and respecting elders is also a quick Shani remedy.

Offering prayers at Shani Temple in Tirunallur in Pondicherry is considered highly meritorious as Shani Bhagvan is here in blessing posture.