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Hanuman Temple at Biplod Village near Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh Lends Money on Interest

If you are living in Biplod Village near Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh and are in need of money then you can lend money from Hanuman on interest. The Hanuman temple at Biplod lends money on interest to the needy. Biplod is around 7 km from Rathlam.
Times of India reports 
"Around 14 years ago, a yagna was organised in the village for construction of the temple and a donation of Rs 800 was collected. Since then we started lending money on interest to those who need and interest keeps on adding," said Parmanand Gujar, senior most member of the committee. "Today Rs 800 plus interest and other donations received so far have multiplied into Rs 4 lakh. We have already constructed building of the temple and maintenance work is carried out with interest," Gujar said. 
With the amount thus collected, Ram temple work is close to completion," said Mukesh Sen, another member of the committee. "The applicant is required to get a guarantor and is made to sign a document where in the lender is Lord Hanuman. No one cheats the god," he said.